Eyes on Authors: Suzanne Nicole

Today, I’d like to introduce you guys to Suzanne Nicole, a fierce Aussie author who is bringing a little bit of romance (and juicy bits!) to the ring with her novel, Unravelled in New York, which will be on sale for only .99 cents this week! She’ll share with us some insight from her story, her inspirations and much more.

With a passion for reading and writing, Suzanne has been creating stories all her life through both her writing and dance teaching. Suzanne is a graduate from IMEB (Aus) and is a member of Romance Writers, Australia, she is also a qualified and registered dance and drama teacher. When she is not bombarding family and friends with story ideas, she can be found in front of a class of students teaching dance or curled up with her treasured Kindle. She loves romantic stories, angsty reads and dark-haired heroes. She also loves travelling, her recent highlights have been her trips to Los Angeles, New York and Boston and she dreams about going back there soon. Suzanne lives in Sydney, Australia with her husband and three gorgeous boys.


So Suzanne, Unravelled in New York is the name of your book- what is it about?
Unravelled in New York – a Contemporary Romance. Unravelled in New York is the story of Charli Cooper, a young journalist who moves to New York from Australia escaping a relationship break-up. She meets businessman Jack Manning, who is not interested in anything but advancing his own self-interest. They don’t get off to the best start and Charli senses there may be more to Jack Manning than he lets on. As she begins to unlock the truth about him, she realizes she might just find the story she’s been looking for leaving her with a difficult choice between her ambition and her heart.

Oh man. I wouldn’t want to make that choice! But I do love reading about others making it. (Does that make me a glutton for other people’s punishment? Hee.) Okay. Back on track. What genres do you write? Do you stick to just Romance?
Contemporary romance but I would also love to do an Historical romance. Currently I’m working on another contemporary romance about a girl who finds love in the wrong place and then finds love in the wrong time and has to choose … it’s not really a love triangle but it is a love story.

That sounds awesome to me. I’m really curious if this is time-travel related, or if it’s a close time span. Or if I’m just a Sci-Fi nerd who likes everything to involve things like that. *ahem* What inspired you to start writing, and what keeps you going?
I’ve always had a passion for reading and writing. Funny as it sounds, when my girlfriends and I were teenagers we spent weekends writing stories for each other – of course they always involved the guys we were crushing on at the time and how we would get married and how many children we would have … they were very detailed of course even including family trees, children’s names and a compulsory HEA. I don’t think the guys ever knew … they probably would have been horrified to think we had them married with five or six kids. For now though I love the process of creating characters and a world where they have to find their way through life’s obstacles.

I… also did that. I thought we were crazy as kids. We were not alone, apparently! How cool. We never told the guys, either. The only guy I ever told about a story like that, I really did marry. Score!

Would you like to share any of your publication stories? Self-published, Indie, Traditional– anything you’d like.
At the moment I have self-published Unravelled in New York so I haven’t gone through the submission process as yet, although I would like to. Self-publishing is quite a big job – as I wanted to put out the best version of the book I could I have gone through the steps of having the book professionally edited and also working with a designer for the front cover and formatting.

I would recommend for anyone thinking of self-publishing to make sure they do get an editor that they can relate to and that understands their genre and is able to guide them.

I’m all about Indie and Self-Pub, lady! It is an incredibly arduous process, but there’s a lot of freedom, too. I’m so proud to see quality work in our field, especially because of the stigmas related to it. Any advice for your fellow writers?
To keep writing and don’t give up even when you feel it is never going to be finished.

Do you have any favorite authors, titles, etc. that you’d like to share? What are your inspirations in the author world?
So many! I admire so many wonderful writers who have inspired me from the classics of Jane Austen to the more contemporary and Indie authors. I loved the writing of Diana Gabaldon, Stephanie Meyer, Kimberley Adams, Sylvain Reynard, Kim Holden, Mia Asher …oh the list goes on and on.

My list grows each time someone asks me that question. I know the feeling! I’m apparently not good at confining lists. “What’s your Top 5 favorite songs?” *gives 7-song answer* Oh well. Those extra bits are free. Now, let’s get these readers to your doorstep! Where can we find you out there in the great wide internet?

Here’s Suzanne Nicole’s Facebook Page.

Here’s her Amazon Author Page.

And don’t forget: Unravelled in New York will be just .99 cents for the next week! Grab your copy here!

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