Nerd901: First Impressions of Monster Hunter World Iceborne

That super wordy title says it all! I take you guys on a quick spin through Seliana in my first impressions article of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, over at Nerd901!


Life is Strange 2: “Faith” Review

Episode 4 of Life is Strange 2 has arrived, and I'm here to review the penultimate episode! Head on over to Nerd901 for the full article!

Spookytober Review: Vampyr

Hello hello! Spookytober is officially in FULL EFFECT! *inset a million Halloween-esque emojis* Yep, I celebrate all things Halloween for a month straight. I'm a big holiday person, and Halloween's MAH FAVE. Like, my office is decorated entirely in Halloween decor that never comes down. It's a skull thing. Anyway! Today, I'm bringing you a... Continue Reading →

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