Nerd901: The Deep Dive into Kingdom Hearts III

I took my time, and now it's done. And all my feelings are hurt. My review for Kingdom Hearts III is live over at Nerd901!


Nerd901: Monster Hunter World- A Year in the Books

Lots of content to cover this week! Here's my in-depth cover of Monster Hunter World's Appreciation Fest, celebrating one year of the Fifth Fleet! Check it out over at Nerd901! Monster Hunter World: A Year in the Books

“We, the Fans” – Let’s Have a Talk.

Wooooooooooo. So the internet is already ablaze with about nine billion other things, but hey, let's add some more shenanigans! Earlier this month, a Twitter user posted this gem of a statement, aimed at Disney, LucasArts, and especially the new overseer for the Star Wars films, Kathleen Kennedy, along with director for The Last Jedi,... Continue Reading →

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