Just a Quick Update: Summer’s Almost Here!

Wooooooooo. I had no idea that it'd actually be more exhausting to have a kid in school than not. Between school trips, special days, holidays, field days, I'm worn out! BUT. (The almighty but~) It's nearly Summer! School's almost out, and perhaps I'll claim back a little bit of my time. I've been chugging along... Continue Reading →

Hi guys. You know I can't walk away and say nothing, so here I am. For the moment, I am not accepting titles for review, beta reads, etc. We have had another death in the family. We have had so many things happen. I feel like I'm drowning. I just need to rest. Thank y'all... Continue Reading →

Time for Radio Silence

Hey all, just wanted to give a quick wave as I'm off to live in RENOVATIONS LAND. It's a fun place where you're always painting, your fridge breaks down mid reno, and your house is going on the market soon so you must scurry about like a frantic mouse.  Posts (and writing) will be scarce... Continue Reading →

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