At the Cemetery Gates: Year One Reviewed!

Things are finally settling down for just a moment around here, getting ready for the final Holiday storm, so I sat down to finish up some waaaaaay late reading! First up, I finished reading At the Cemetery Gates: Year One by John Brhel & Joseph Sullivan, the same duo that brought you Marvelry's Curiosity Shop.... Continue Reading →

“It’s Marvel-rye” : Marvelry’s Curiosity Shop Reviewed

In one of my previous posts, we talked up spooky books for the upcoming season... and because I'm impatient, I went ahead and started my Creepytober reads! In August! I CAN DO THINGS LIKE THAT. LET'S BE REBELS. My first read was Marvelry's Curiosity Shop, a Fantasy-Horror short story compilation by John Brhel & J.... Continue Reading →

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