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GODEATER: The Second World just 99 Cents!

The Gods of Myth are here... And so is their destroyer. How do you defeat that which defeats immortality?

Jack of Diamonds Writing Playlist!

A jumble of good music that helped me tell the tale.

Coming Soon: Rebel’s Blade by Frost Kay

Today we're talking about a new Epic Fantasy coming our way in March: Rebel's Blade by Frost Kay! Rebel's Blade is Kay's debut novel, and it sounds like it's coming out swinging. Let's chat! Tell us about Rebel's Blade. The... Continue Reading →

Review: The Enchanted Swans by Christy Nicholas

Lately, I've reaaaally been in need. Literary need. I've read so much spooky stuff, that I had a dire desire for a change of pace. Usually, this means it's time to re-visit some Sarah Addison Allen, who always makes me... Continue Reading →

Happy Book Birthday, Jack of Diamonds!

Today's the day! Jack of Diamonds: A Tale of El'Anret is finally out in e-book format! Jack of Diamonds is the second novella in the El'Anret series, and follows Queen Hazel Leigh Mac Tire and her son, Jack, as conspiracies... Continue Reading →

Chuck Wendig: “I Don’t Wanna Talk About This Sh*t Either”

This is a post I want to share with you guys, as it goes through a lot (and I mean, A LOT) of emotions that many folks are currently feeling, in the writerly world and beyond. Chuck Wendig addresses the... Continue Reading →

I Reveal to You, Jack of Diamonds: A Tale of El’Anret!

A storm is brewing in El'Anret, and the Throne is powerless to stop it.

Young Adult Books Central Awards

It's time to nominate your favorite Young Adult books! This awards ceremony is to honor great books published in 2016 in each respective category, from Fantasy to Contemporary, and there's even a Debut Author and best cover award! If you... Continue Reading →

e-book Availability Issues

Hey everyone! I had a few hiccups while making e-book transitions earlier, and now, the only sales link actively working is Amazon. I should have the rest of the retailer links working again soon! SORRY GUYS. *grumble*Dark Side*grumble* (Also, you... Continue Reading →

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