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December 2016

Review: Lucky Thirteen by Amanda Leigh Burton

Time for another little spooky review! Today's is Lucky Thirteen, a short horror story by author Amanda Leigh Burton. Here's the official blurb: For four young boys one summer night in the woods creates a life time of nightmares. Lucky... Continue Reading →

Review: The Arborist by P.T. Phronk

Today's post comes to you on the heels of some more spooky reading- that of P.T. Phronk's The Arborist. Because I just don't get enough at Halloween. Or maybe it's like always Halloween in my house. With hearts, or stockings,... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction in one Sentence: Apocalypse

Because it popped into my brain and doesn't currently have a home... She texted me back a single sentence; "I haven't had enough coffee to deal with the apocalypse." 

Single Serve Flash Fiction: Poetry. “Missing.”

A bit of poetry today. "Missing" Today, I find myself missing. People. Ideas. Things. I miss having the capacity to think of myself. I miss having little to take care of. I miss the days of being prudently carefree. I... Continue Reading →

At the Cemetery Gates: Year One Reviewed!

Things are finally settling down for just a moment around here, getting ready for the final Holiday storm, so I sat down to finish up some waaaaaay late reading! First up, I finished reading At the Cemetery Gates: Year One... Continue Reading →

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