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May 2016

Eyes on Authors: Suzanne Nicole

Today, I'd like to introduce you guys to Suzanne Nicole, a fierce Aussie author who is bringing a little bit of romance (and juicy bits!) to the ring with her novel, Unravelled in New York, which will be on sale... Continue Reading →

Make Way for The Raven King: A Review

Now that I'm back from vacation, I FEEL OVERWHELMED BY THE AMOUNT OF WRITING I NEED TO DO. *Hyperventilates a little* I've got this. So! Right before I left, I finished reading The Raven King, the final book in Maggie... Continue Reading →

Ellie Firestone Hosts Yours Truly

Author Ellie Firestone and I had a fun little chat about writing, characters, worlds, and coffee shenanigans over at her website! Take a look!

Cassie’s Cover of the Year Contest

Hey guys! Godeater is part of the Cassie's Cover of the Year contest on Goodreads! If you like the cover, head on over and vote here! 

Meet the Author on Mercedes Fox Books

I'm one of the featured authors on the Mercedes Fox Books blog! Check out my musings on Faerie Queens and Godeaters here! 

Godeater Goes KDP Select for the Summer!

Hey guys! Doing an experiment. Godeater will be an AMAZON EXCLUSIVE in e-book format for the Summer. This means that any Kindle Unlimited subscribers can READ IT FREE! I will also be doing some sales and promos for the book... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction: The Blind Tattooist

Another day, another flash! Posting this one early, because I AM A REBEL AND CAN DO THAT. Or because I have adult things to take care of tomorrow. Dammit. So! Last week, Chuck Wendig had everyone post sentences that would... Continue Reading →

Food in Fiction

Ahhh. I love food. I know you're saying, "Why yes, Melody, most creatures who consume to thrive do love food..." But I love food in more than a "MAKE ME LIVE!" way. To me, food is love. I make my... Continue Reading →

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