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April 2016

Flash Fiction: Poetry, “Storm”

Today, it's been storming like crazy. Doesn't bother me, though- there's something magical about Southern thunderstorms. It's in the warm air, quick breezes, the wind chimes and thunder mingling together... When I was a kid, we would open all the... Continue Reading →

Bookstock 2016 Author Showcase

On Saturday, we had our local Mid-South version of Bookstock 2016, a festival celebrating all things, well, books and the art of writing. The theme this year was “From Shakespeare to Dr. Seuss, and Everything in Between,” and we certainly... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction – Poetry Edition

Bleeeeegh. I was supposed to do a post on character sheets Tuesday, and have a sparkly new piece of Flash Fiction ready for today, but after some bad news from the doctor and feeling pretty terrible, I have yet to... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction in Five Songs

While perusing Pinterest the other day, I came across some writing prompts. Most of them were a little sketchy (you can't directly quote Game of Thrones and say it's a writing prompt you made up...), but a few were pretty... Continue Reading →

Learning How to DO THE THINGS

Yesterday, I read a post by Chuck Wendig on Author Platform, which you can find HERE. His beginning summation? I'm going to go against "writing advice" orthodoxy here and offer up this thought:Your "platform" is mostly bullshit.Bear with me.— Chuck... Continue Reading →

Maggie Stiefvater + Random Musings

Today while perusing the everyday shenanigans of GoodReads, I came across this: Now, when the person asked this, I had to go look again. I knew I had seen it recently- it was when Maggie was signing/doodling on the pre-order... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction Time + Bard Girl Press

Since I'm feeling less like THE DEATH this week, I went ahead and wrote some flash fiction! This is another based on Chuck Wendig's Flash Fiction Challenge. This week? Dragon. Two thousand words max. Period. What came to my mind?... Continue Reading →

Oh, April Fool’s Day.

A day dedicated worldwide to pranking people and making mischief? Where's Loki at?! Well, that looks about right. (Want a crash course on April Fool's? Here's a good chunk of info.) I am certainly one to take- and make- a... Continue Reading →

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